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Whole Brained Thinking

Posted 12/12/2012
by Yasha Husain

'Charting the Course'
is an education
that encourages
more whole brain
the reliance
which brings
thinkers, in a
closed, holistic
learning network.

The author of this
website has written
in her book, Holistic
Living: Tips for
, how
people along the
autism spectrum are
naturally more
while "neurotypical"
people, tend to, from a young age, become dominant
thinkers, with the exception that both
access interhemispheric, and graduated, thought.

The 'Charting the Course' education proposal
shares a vision for a school system that will help all character-types, including people who are dominant left-brained thinkers, who think more linearly, and who are dominant right-brained thinkers, who think more by association, in part by bringing them together into one classroom.

The proposal is also for a single, closed, holistic system, which interweaves the modern education system with holistic, closed systems of the world.

The full education
can right now
be viewed
using the

With questions
or comments,
please email:




Article - Letter to the Editor

Ending the Virtual War on Terror

February 17, 2014
by Yasha Melanie Husain
Director, Holistic Solutions Think Tank

Wouldn't it behoove the nation and the world if we could bring to an end its virtual war on terror, which, that is, according to my recollection of recent events stemming from the turn of the century nearly, to right after the 9/11 massacre, developed into a proposed, but not a practical, war, with any kind of mandate, as well, that was officially sanctioned by the Security Council.

Who would not like to end the terrorism that plagues the planet and in the short-term?

But to do this, it is proposed that instead of mass surveillance and drone attacks on and for a virtual war, as well as covert actions generally that do not require normal open democracy and diplomacy, or even normal court actions, that we create an international coalition on terrorism, as President Vladimir Putin of Russia has recently recommended, and President Bashar Assad, of Syria, too, and it is the goal, continually, of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, to bring an end to terrorism and terror attacks, which are increasingly international.

One might prefer simply, I dare say, a convening of world parliaments and world leaders to come to holistic solutions that address the total planetary problems, and with these holistic solutions, to end all terrorist acts, and to tell the truth, this is perhaps the first and most important purpose of the world's people's and leaders, and shouldn't be underestimated.

But if there is obstructionism to this kind of progress, from whatever sources it may manifest, why not create a two-fold solution, a convening of world leaders that addresses terrorism, diplomatically, in a coalition, aside the means to solve terror-related problems which may become more not less endemic, a rendering of fully disclosed holistic solutions, that disarm potential opponents, and make old strangers and acquaintances friends? (aka. The one world conceptualization and world peace, or, The New Village.)

I have recently written five books on holism which have little to nothing to do with terrorism or terrorist acts, and as a result of my peaceful thinking, I also developed the Holistic Solutions Think Tank for the maintenance and creation of what I call “closed, holistic systems” in the field areas. Yet, the progress toward achieving my dreams means also ending all war or terrorism, so that there is peace. So I do concur with governmental authorities here and abroad, that a coalition for the end of all terror attacks behooves us, and implies greater, and even, strictly, diplomacy, and yet, so too, I think, will a full rendering of the possibilities of the holistic sciences in a public platform and with and amidst world leaders, rediscover the solutions which promote only peace.

Please do consider the formation of an international terror coalition to diplomatically, with international law, not force, manage terrorism issues, while simultaneously pursuing convention and conversation around the pursuit of 'closed, holistic systems'.





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