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Whole Brained Thinking

Posted 12/12/2012
by Yasha Husain

'Charting the Course'
is an education
that encourages
more whole brain
the reliance
which brings
thinkers, in a
closed, holistic
learning network.

The author of this
website has written
in her book, Holistic
Living: Tips for
, how
people along the
autism spectrum are
naturally more
while "neurotypical"
people, tend to, from a young age, become dominant
thinkers, with the exception that both
access interhemispheric, and graduated, thought.

The 'Charting the Course' education proposal
shares a vision for a school system that will help all character-types, including people who are dominant left-brained thinkers, who think more linearly, and who are dominant right-brained thinkers, who think more by association, in part by bringing them together into one classroom.

The proposal is also for a single, closed, holistic system, which interweaves the modern education system with holistic, closed systems of the world.

The full education
can right now
be viewed
using the

With questions
or comments,
please email:




Article - Letter to the Editor

Republicans Redressing
Economic Priorities
February 18, 2014
by Yasha Melanie Husain
Director, Holistic Solutions Think Tank

If we as a nation could come together around our socioeconomic and economic needs we would see the opportunities for change toward an increasingly green economy that meets the needs of the global warming challenge and the national and international finance mechanisms that are required for the enhancement of this change, at once.

And this, we know, for rich and poor alike, is a very real need. For, we can not live with great imbalance in a globalized world and present the case for a middle or balanced course. Our economic segregation is not the achievement of true balance in the world. The economy may otherwise be a means for creating greater and long-term peace.

The Republican Party seems adamant about protecting Americans' privacy rights and rights to a decent living and wage, and the right to choice, in decision-making, whether about job creation, education or family lifestyle.

The Republican mandate right now, if it were to become more big picture and pronounced, might be to redress the current fiscal year's budget, which fortunately has passed the Congress to avoid another government shutdown, so that it helps define the party leadership's vision and plan more remarkably, henceforth using the budget as a more important and consequential lever and means to produce more sound economic authorship and maintenance, with respectable time and space needed to achieve such ends.

My proposal, as a newly established member of the Republican Party, is to create a Treasury and community banks that together provide public space for an independently operating public sector, for which the Treasury provides the correct amount of funds, for education, and governance. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve would limit its funding to supporting and sustaining an independent business development and prosperous market, that also utilizes the community banks. The trade offs are that there need be no taxes, income or real estate, or school, and no political alliances brokered by lobbying that puts money before progress and prosperity for all.

You wind up with a minimalist government that oversees a happy economy and nation that has money left over to develop cost-effective energy and education plans. The energy plans buttressed by business and the Federal Reserve, but for distributed energy and empowerment of the people, as in the Denmark model of the last fifty years. The education plans, the Treasury is a salve for, even as teachers and administrators will still manage the school operations through to the PhD level, and school reforms or changes. Albeit, the energy and education plans, which are so big picture and incidentally lead to, and in many other sectors simultaneously, job creation, are, in good form, overseen by a governance that provides by way of a special Reconstruction Department Panel, guiding principles in the holistic sciences, by which local municipalities and states have choice, leeway and ample opportunities for progress and growth toward a one world conceptualization as a part of globalization that meets our environmental and socioeconomic needs.

Republicans, with their goals of protecting established norms while promoting needed progress, can utilize their wisdom of minimalist governance and governmental interference, to help produce change that is democratic, but while with pronounced goals to be attained, and achievable by way of a current budget which can hopefully be readdressed by March 7th, 2014, by which we should decide on the XL Pipeline.





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