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Whole Brained Thinking

Posted 12/12/2012
by Yasha Husain

'Charting the Course'
is an education
that encourages
more whole brain
the reliance
which brings
thinkers, in a
closed, holistic
learning network.

The author of this
website has written
in her book, Holistic
Living: Tips for
, how
people along the
autism spectrum are
naturally more
while "neurotypical"
people, tend to, from a young age, become dominant
thinkers, with the exception that both
access interhemispheric, and graduated, thought.

The 'Charting the Course' education proposal
shares a vision for a school system that will help all character-types, including people who are dominant left-brained thinkers, who think more linearly, and who are dominant right-brained thinkers, who think more by association, in part by bringing them together into one classroom.

The proposal is also for a single, closed, holistic system, which interweaves the modern education system with holistic, closed systems of the world.

The full education
can right now
be viewed
using the

With questions
or comments,
please email:




Article - Letter to the Editor

Supporting the American Military
By Yasha Husain
March 17, 2013

Throughout the years, the American military has become both a hero and savior, helping to stop war, war-mongering, and criminal activity, of all kinds, around the globe.

However, it must be said, recent and isolated incidents have sometimes nearly brandished the military's good name, and this is not fair or right, especially in light of the fact members are so often quite young when they enlist, and begin to build their reputations and lives via active enrollment and enlistment.

The reputations of these young recruits need to be protected as do the lives and livelihoods of the people the American military defends.

Most immediately, recent, isolated incidents in Afghanistan have to be explained as isolated and separate from the mission of the American military, which is to stand and defend in times of need, and, increasingly, to provide diplomatic assistance and assurances, by way of supporting security measures and community-building, in war-torn and bereaved regions, and by bereaved, I mean, regions affected by natural disaster or severe economic hardship and poverty.

The way forward for the military, I've suggested in other writings, including my recent book and political treatise, The Modern Roots of Holism, may be to move in greater coordination with the United Nations as per the original mandate of the UN Charter, toward the fulfillment of a truly international force consisting of military powers of nations, led by a UN military officer's commission. This is not far off from the purpose of NATO, but may better apply in a post-Cold War world.

My writing also highlights in an oped, “Secrecy to Diplomacy,” the military's hands-on efforts, in Afghanistan, toward in earnest community-building, atop the provision of security assurances, and suggests future diplomatic missions combined with intelligence work may be the goal of American military procedure.

We should conceive the military in accordance with its true values and mission, and build from there, while isolating and removing those officers and members who may tarnish the institution's invaluable reputation, and in this era filled with momentum for a not only globalized framework worldwide, but a peaceful one built on tolerance and the protection of human rights, universally.





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