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Whole Brained Thinking

Posted 12/12/2012
by Yasha Husain

'Charting the Course'
is an education
that encourages
more whole brain
the reliance
which brings
thinkers, in a
closed, holistic
learning network.

The author of this
website has written
in her book, Holistic
Living: Tips for
, how
people along the
autism spectrum are
naturally more
while "neurotypical"
people, tend to, from a young age, become dominant
thinkers, with the exception that both
access interhemispheric, and graduated, thought.

The 'Charting the Course' education proposal
shares a vision for a school system that will help all character-types, including people who are dominant left-brained thinkers, who think more linearly, and who are dominant right-brained thinkers, who think more by association, in part by bringing them together into one classroom.

The proposal is also for a single, closed, holistic system, which interweaves the modern education system with holistic, closed systems of the world.

The full education
can right now
be viewed
using the

With questions
or comments,
please email:




Article - Opinion

Faith is not a religion,but religion is about faith
By Yasha Husain
January 12, 2013

“Faith is not a religion, but religion is about faith, and the role of faith might be isolated and taught via its functionality, which is to strengthen physical constitutions and the constitutions of institutions.”

I was doing some brainstorming yesterday about faith and came up with the following interpretations. I wonder if you agree there are at least the four realms listed below from which people can derive faith, which is, in short, utter belief in the workings of the universe and its holistic brilliance:

  1. Perfect love: Faith can be obtained from perfect love in the family, in romantic union, or at work or school, with the potential for it to be realized universally.

  2. Church: Faith can be obtained by the power of "Oneness" at the communion of churchgoers, and from the teachings of Christ, God and the Holy Spirit, which, all combined, bring about the feeling of the presence of a god, which equates to the faith experienced via the communion of churchgoers. It is, in this instance, god, the understanding of and communion with God, that delivers faith. Meanwhile, the architectures of churches might be viewed as manmade forms that are but a reflection of nature, and inspire holism, they are an important part of the church experience, but the space they envelop must be sacred space, therefore the church architecture must be whole.

  3. Science: Faith can be obtained from science. For me, my utter faith in the workings of the universe came upon me immediately again in my early 20s (I first experienced faith with the perfect love of family and religion, though I have to admit when I was young I doubted why I should in a small way fear god, who delivered the Commandments, to which I paid attention) when I discovered and experienced only small examples of Ayurvedic medicine, which is a holistic science. Science, when holistic, and understood, should make one realize the “reason” to have trust in the workings of the universe: the universe works and is brilliant. One can see it for themselves through form, that is, in this case, science that is a reflection of the realized self.
    (***Architectures, we know, can also be holistic "forms," and religion, and politics, are forms that are a reflection of nature when holistic. Form, in general, is really useful for the total or perfect obtainment of "faith," which can and arguably should be isolated from form. But the realized individual is also what creates "perfect form," by way of faith, which is constructed from the total compass of the universals of life: love, respect, honesty/truth, understanding, forgiveness and creativity.)
  4. Individual: Faith can be obtained from the knowledge of or interaction with a perfectly realized individual, who is a balanced merging of all of the cultural and character types, so he or she is completely whole, and graduated to the discernment and giving of "holy love" (See Enneagram studies). From holistic lives stem holistic solutions, or forms, which are built from the whole and can be used to build on the whole, but meanwhile maintain a constant since they arrive only as a result of timeless wisdom. The lives of architects, singer-songwriters and soccer players who attain to the whole are the embodiment of the holy spirit as it unfolds in individuals.

Not only is faith integral to everything we do, but perfect love, and realized creativity, too, are integral parts of our being that make us whole. Please see the opinion article, "An American Reconstruction Department," on my website,, in which I've incorporated the role of faith, perfect love and the unfoldment of creative potential in accordance with the realized self. The article is extracted from the initial outline for the book I'm currently writing, American Determinism: Holistic Politics.

Please, in response, share your ideas and opinions on the realms of faith.





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