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Holistic Living: Tips for Youth

from the publisher of the site:
Seeing Our Way To The Future
21st century holistic solutions

{Featuring the 'Charting the Course' closed, holistic education system proposal.}

Holistic Living: Tips for Youth is a guide for healthy living geared at teens and young adults. In this comprehensive book about how to make your own smart healthcare and lifestyle choices, I've shared my vision for a futuristic school system I think will help all personality-types, including people who think primarily linearly, and primarily by association.

The closed, holistic education proposal, 'Charting the Course,' is for k through to the PhD level, and is intended to merge left- and right-brained thinking to create more whole brain thinking. The proposal triumphantly immerses the entire student population in a single classroom, in exception of only those multiply-handicapped students who have outstanding, albeit, hopefully, temporary, "disabilities," who also separately receive an advanced education under the new proposal.

Holistic Living: Tips for Youth will be available soon.


The New Village: Finding Holistic Solutions

We're at a time in world history when what is old and new, culturally, which has the power to cross borders, is literally being married. Like any good marriage, one might expect there to be fits and bolts in the beginning, anxiety over what has been and what will be, but successfully, the days of yore, with their spiritual richness, and the futuristic world of ideas in which we also spend splendid hours, stand to be united in peace.

The book, The New Village, documents this marriage, as it takes place, and helps what new dynamics there are to unfold, along the 21st century frontier for change.

The New Village looks at the capital of human knowledge that's an amalgam of the values, foresight and practical wisdom of ancient histories and modern science and industry.

The book offers in-depth coverage about what has quickly become the all-pervasive symbol of our era: the merging of ancient and modern wisdom to establish a 21st century infrastructure and way that are both sustainable and rewarding and, incidentally, based on an inherent notion of holism.

The New Village describes a third way, however with that way being incumbent upon the wherewithal of individuals to seek community-based solutions that are simultaneously fostered by the spirit of Oneness between all that exists.

Featured in the second part of the book, is the story of the visionary space and earth architect, Nader Khalili, inventor of Superadobe homes and technologies, whose story is at once a merging of the old and the new, and never ceases to brightens the lives the story touches.

The New Village will be available soon.

The Modern Roots of Holism

This recent political treatise focuses on the modern history of holism and details the life and story of the man who coined holism, Jan C. Smuts, a South African statesman, prime minister and soldier, who was also instrumental in the organization of the League of Nations and United Nations Charter.

The Modern Roots of Holism will be available soon.

The Ancient Roots of Holism

The selective and thought-provoking chapters contained in this universal peace offering are a meditation on an ancient thread of wisdom which emanates from each day and age, however differently.

Aside from the apparent differences, this book focuses on the sameness.

It focuses on and draws out the core teachings of the world's major traditions and religions, dating from thousands of years ago, to today. Each chapter shows where there has been tremendous overlap between tradition, stressing the commonalities and ties between traditions.

Ultimately, this book is a meditation on how, at their core, the traditions are all so alike, each is also based on universal laws.

The book steers away from any divisiveness.

The Ancient Roots of Holism will be available soon.

American Determinism: Holistic Politics

This final book in the series will be about President Barack Obama and his second term, and the President reaching, with the people, and also the people around the globe, his perfect potential, and the perfect potential of the populous.

It will describe firstly American Determinism, referring not only to the determinism of Obama, but of past Presidents, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy Jr.

But the book is particularly about the potential for the Obama Administration.

In order to describe the 'perfect potential' for holistic solutions to unfold, and in this case, by way of what I define as American Determinism, this fifth book in the series, covers, uniquely, the evolution that takes place around the symbol of the Enneagram, which is pertinent not only to physics and the workings of the universe, but the unfolding of human psychology, and is thus used, increasingly, in psychological circles.

American Determinism: Holistic Politics draws a diagram of what the holistic outreach by the current President of the United States looks like, and how the President's Administration's potential, when further realized by the United States and world, may go very far in helping to deliver on the promise of holism this century, as it already has begun to do.

The reality is that each of us has a perfect potential. To harbor it, it requires firstly that we understand the world and its laws, its universal wisdom, and with that understanding, gain faith or trust in the universe. From there, we allow the truth to unfold before our very eyes, being responsible for the unfolding happening by way of our unique contributions to the world, be they practical, inspiring, inventive or innovative. We all, if we allow our perfect potential to unfold, and become realized in this world, affect one another positively, as if the cup were always full.

However, every once in a while a person may come along, for instance, like President Obama, who is also a Type 9 on the Enneagram, a global thinker, moderator and mediator, who has a certain amount of built-in genius, and in part because of his circumstances in life, who can have a remarkably dynamic impact, that is, if, the perfect potential of others combines with their leader's hopes and aspirations for the world, be they fair and just.

I think the latter is the case right now and for the President, country and world, and I'd like to try to relay that in American Determinism: Holistic Politics.

The book's unfolding is the culmination of the previous four books on the topic, holism, the author has written.

American Determinism: Holistic Politics, and the full series on holism, will be available in fall 2013.